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Royal Australian Regiment
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Japan - Korea - Malaya - Borneo - Vietnam - East Timor - Solomons - Iraq - Afghanistan
3rd Battalion RAR Vietnam 1971

The 50th Anniversary occurred in June 2021. There are currently no reunions advertised on this site page. The details remain for visitors to surf the site and make contact with relative representatives.

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3rd Battalion RAR Vietnam 1971 www.3rar.com.au
  Battalion Coordinator/Organiser Tony Cox
  Battalion Commander 1971 Colonel Peter Scott
  A Company Representative Terry Beaumont
  B Company Representative Cliff Fletcher
  C Company Representative Tony Cox
  C Company David Lean
  D Company Representative John Herlihy
  Support Group Ron (Curley) Tremble
  Signals Gary Andrew
  Signals Gus R. Moore
  Pioneer Platoon Charlie (Czeslaw) Fryce
  Battalion HQ Mortars Peter J Cain
  TFMA Bill Denny
9 Squadron RAAF Association  
  Association President Bob (Rags) Redman
C Sqn 1 Armoured Regt.  
  Representative Bruce Cameron
    02 6248 9562
12th Field Regiment Artillery  
  Representative Bob McEvoy
1st Field Squadron RAE


HQ 1ATF President John Verhelst
  D & E Platoon Eddie Tricker
1st Armoured Field Squadron   John Tick
    08 9364 9562
4 RAR   Noel Fairley
1 FD SQN GP RAE Association. President George Hulse
Tunnel Rats   Jim Marett
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In Memorial Commemoration 50 Years
Operation Overlord
Including the Battle of Long Khanh

Battle of Long Khanh & Overlord


3rd Battalion RAR & Supports

A Field Battery

2Lt Ian George Mathers
7 June 1971


3rd Battalion RAR

Lt John William Wheeler
2 March 1971

RAAF 9 Squadron

Flt Lt Everett Murray Lance
7 June 1971



Cpl Paul Manning
2 March 1971


Cpl David John Dubber MID
7 June 1971



2Lt David Paterson
20 March 1971

3 Cav Regiment

L/Cpl John Noel McCarthy
12 June 1971



L/Cpl Ron Salzman
14 April 1971


Cpl Kenneth James "Kenny" Boardman
12 June 1971


RAAF 9 Squadron

P/O Ronald William Betts
20 March 1971

1 ATF D&E Pl.

Pte Trevor James "Atty." Attwood
12 June 1971



LAC Alan Clarence Bloxsom
31 March 1971


Pte Roger William. Driscoll
12 June 1971


2nd Battalion RAR /NZ

Pte Lex William Hickson Adams 31 March 1971


Pte Donald Cameron "Donny" Hill
12 June 1971


C Squadron 1 Armd Regt

Tpr. P G Barwick DOW (Received on 25 June 1971 )


Pte Peter "To Be" Tebb
12 June 1971



Pte Kenneth Horomia Harding (1RNZIR)
24th June 1971


Pte Michael "Mick or Tommy" Towler
12 June 1971




Reunion Last Post Ceremonies
https://www.awm.gov.au/visit )

Last Post Ceremonies: (Note that Pte Paul Manning is on Wednesday 9th June 2021
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4th June 2021 Friday  2Lt David Paterson 3RAR
4th June 2021 Friday The 3rd Battalion be laying wreaths separately at the AWM (without fanfare) for Pte R Salzmann 3RAR and LAC A C Bloxsom 9 Sqn RAAF
5th June 2021   Saturday Pilot Officer Ronald Betts                  9Sqn RAAF
6th June 2021 Sunday Cpl David Dubber MID                      9Sqn RAAF
6th June 2021 Sunday

6th June 2021 Wreaths be laid separately at the AWM (without fanfare) for C Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment Cpl Andy Anderson; Trooper Phil Barwick and Pte Ken Harding (NZ)

7th June 2021   Monday Flt Lt Everitt Murray Lance               9Sqn RAAF
8th June 2021  Tuesday   Nil Today - DESIGNATED WW11 Bomber Command.
9th June 2021   Wednesday Pte Paul Manning                               3 RAR

Commemorative Stamp
The Australia Post commemorative envelope and PPE will be available by mail order when they are released on 7 June.
They will be in limited supply.
Following these links will take you away from www.3rar.com.au site

Commemorative Coin
Commemorative Battle of Long Khanh 50 coin (Uncirculated) minted by the Australian Mint. Canberra. ACT

Available:  3rd June 2021
Mint eShop:  New products:  https://eshop.ramint.gov.au/newproducts
Royal Australian Mint

Vietnam Requiem Musical Event

Vietnam Requiem - Flowers of War

2 Shows.  The AWM has altered the planned start time for the Vietnam Requiem to 1300 hours on the 5th and the 6th June 2021.  The Musical Director Chris Latham is incredibly focussed on this event and will give his all-in honour of Vietnam Veterans who served in that campaign.  The Vietnam War was a long war involving many events that I suspect Chris Latham is trying to include in this musical requiem.  Tickets will be available in early 2021 and the event is open to the general public.  (as per the site).  Note – the Vietnam Requiem will be performed on both Saturday and Sunday, the 5th and 6th June.

Tony Cox
Organiser / Coordinator
3rd Battalion RAR Vietnam 1971 50th Anniversary Reunion
Friday 4th June to Wednesday 9th June 2021
Canberra ACT
Email: Tony Cox Mb: 0412 377 884
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