3rd Battalion
Royal Australian Regiment
Your Faithfully
Japan - Korea - Malaya - Borneo - Vietnam - East Timor - Solomons - Iraq - Afghanistan


3rd Battalion RAR Museum
Located: Lavarak Barracks
Townsville Qld

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Battalion Colors The Queen's & Regimental Colours
  3rd Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment
3rd Battalion RAR Band 3rd Battalion RAR Band History (an example)
Emblems Active 8 Golden Fleece Platoon Emblem
  Drummer ? Fleece
Honour Boards  
Publications A Duty Done
(A Summary of operations by the Royal Australian Regiment in the Vietnam War 1965-1972) By Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Fred Fairhead
  ? Example 3 RAR.com.au site museum reference page complementary to letter dated March 2021





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