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7th April 2016
Looking for Information on William George Fraser

I am trying to track down information on my father, William George Fraser. I believe that Dad served with 3 RAR in Korea, Malaya and Borneo. He retired from the army in 1973 with the rank of Staff Sergeant. Regrettably he passed away in 1977 when I was too young to really understand what had happened during his service. Mum never really told us very much - just some snippets. I was born in Terendak camp in Malacca in 1965. Mum told me that Dad was on deployment in Borneo at the time and found out about my birth when it was announced over the radio. I also believe that he was originally sent to Malaya in the 1950's for the Malayan Emergency. I have a vague recollection as a young child that he was at the Canungra jungle training centre in the early 1970s training to be deployed to Vietnam but was never deployed. Apart from that I don't really know a lot about him and Mum (being ex Army herself) never really wanted to say very much. I did try to find out some information from my uncle Max (WO2 Vivian Maxwell Stack - ex AATTV) before he passed away in the 1980s. However, I could not find out a lot from him except that the memories of Malaya were generally happy, but the memories of Vietnam were generally terrible.

I have few artifacts from Dad's service as Mum got rid of a lot after he passed away.

Email: Ian Fraser
Phone Number=0412736495

12th March 2016
Looking for: 571622 Cpl Michael Edward Daly

Looking for 5716622 Cpl Michael Edward DALY who served from 12/2/71 to 9/9/71 in 3RAR in Vietnam.
His old school, Padua College in Kedron, Brisbane, is commemorating a plaque with the names of ex-pupils who attended the school and served in Vietnam, this will be on Long Tan Day in August. Please contact Mike Willett on 07 3869 1236 if you know where Michael Daly can be contacted.

2nd June 2016
Ramp Ceremony
Richmond Air Base. NSW

Lt David Brian, Pl Comd 11 Pl, D Coy, 3RAR was tragically killed on border operations in Malaysia on 5 March 1964. He was interred in Terendak Garrison Cemetery. His remains will we returned to Australia on 2 June 2016 together with the remains of a  number of other casualties from the Vietnam and Malaysian conflicts  and family members of Australian soldiers who died in Malaysia and were interred in the Garrison Cemetery. There will be a 'Ramp' Ceremony at Richmond Airbase, NSW on the morning of 2 June 2016.

Lt David Brian will be reinterred in the ANZAC Section of Pinnaroo Cemetery, Bridgeman Downs, Brisbane,  Qld at 10.30 on 10 June 2016.

Mrs Sara Ferguson (nee Brian) 07 5497 5519

25th Feb 2016
Looking for Stan Sutherland

From: Bob Wilkie President
Shepparton RSL Sub-Branch Inc
Phone:        0358214100
Facsimile:   0358201144

Mobile:       0431156591 On behalf of a mate I am trying to locate Stan Sutherland who served with 3RAR in Vietnam from 30/5/68 until 2/1268. After Stan left the Army he worked with my mate in the National Bank. Any information you could provide would be appreciated.

Email: Bob Wilkie

23rd June 2014

From Bree Denniss

Looking for David Scott (Service year 1975)

I am writing in the hope that you may be able to assist me.  I wish to make contact with a person by the name of David Scott regarding a personal mater.  I have been pursuing my family tree, with his name arising as a person of interest.

I believe that David Scott was originally from Tasmania.  During 1975, he was stationed in Lobethal, South Australia, as a part of 3RAR or attached to 3RAR.  It is thought that he was born between 1945 and 1955.

Contact: Bree Denniss

21st June 2014
Graham Sullivan is looking for relations of::

Lance Corporal- John Sullivan
Service number- 210599
Served in- Korea
Regiment-3rd Battalion RAR
John was born in Kilburn, London
Son of Martin and Kathleen Sullivan
Is he still alive ,or where is his family

Email: Graham Sullivan ( Great Nephew)

13th May 2014

Would like to make contact with anyone who served with 3RAR in Malaya between August 1963 and March 1965 on operations on the Thai border who may have known my father.
Cpl John Gentry service number 53561

Email: Geff Gentry

6th January 2014

My name is Danielle Smits & I have been trying to find men who served with my Dad, 54497 Daniel Smits. He died when I was yrs. old & I would love to talk to people who knew him & can tell me a little about him. He was in 3RAR company support in Vietnam between 20/12/67 to 28/11/68 he stayed in the army until his death on 21/12/76. I live in Queensland now also any photos would be appreciated as well.

Thank you so much: Danielle Smits

20th November 2013

To whom it may concern,

Ref: 7 PL CCOY 1977 - 1979 - TPT PL 1979 - 1986 3 RAR

I would just like to receive contact from any of the members who were in the 3 RAR form the dates mentioned above and also from members of the rifle company and transport platoon as I am an old serving member who is still currently serving with only five years left before compulsory retirement it would be great if anyone remembers me to catch up for old times sake.

Bill Brown Australian Army 
Warrant Officer Class Two
Training and Development Cell

Land Warfare Centre Kokoda Barracks
Canungra QLD 4275
Phone: + 61 7 56186290 I Fax: + 61 7 56186565
Mobile: 0400 348 583
Email: William Brown
20 Nov 2013

17th April 2013

Looking to establish contact with Pte B Simpson SPT COY, first tour 67-68. Any help would be appreciated as we lost contact over 20 years.

Regards: Garry White

14th April 2013

My name is Terry Harper, ex 7RAR Vietnam, second tour. 2793537 I am seeking any photos that your members may have of Pte John Campbell KIA first tour 3 RAR  Vietnam. I am a close friend of his niece and they have nothing in the family in the way of a photo of any description.

As you may be aware good photos are required of Aussie KIA,s for the new museum being built in Washington DC . I thought perhaps one of his old platoon mates may have a photo of John. Appreciate if you could put this request out there so John is not forgotten.

Regards: Terry HarperTerry Harper
Phone Number: 0457701456

4th August 2012

Hi I was in 3rar 72/75 and I am trying to locate a then cpl Robert (Bob) Harris,he was my best man at my wedding,Geoff Mainke,would like to talk to him again,last contact was in 1975 and he was ffrom western australia.

Regards - Geoff Mainke

28th April 2013


My father was Peter Kongras of D company 3RAR - Second Tour of Vietnam. He passed away in November 2006. Among his belongings, I have found some medals belonging to Ross Kevin Hansen of Queensland. I have discovered that he was in the same battalion as my dad.

I am trying to get in touch with Mr Hansen and/or his family so I can return the medals to their rightful owner. I have no idea how my dad ended up with these medals in his possession.

I am hoping you can help me or put me in touch with someone who can.

Thank you: Sharon Kongras

15 April 2012

I am 5714099 serving in 1966/67. Richard Hooper......1st Armoured Reg. Pucka. Tanks. At 2RTB when we first came in as Nashos I trained with P.T. Green. I believe he joined 3 RAR.

I am trying to find him as I have photos of us taken at recruit training that I wish to give him.........can you help please?

I have believed that he got hit in Nam but I am told now, that is not correct. I am currently a member of the RSL in WA and act as a sub warden at the memorial in Kings Park.

Regards - Richard R Hooper

14th April 2012

G,day guys, I just found out about this website. I served with C coy, and Spt coy,3RAR from 87 to 91. I had many a good and bad times, it developed me as a man in a time when I was confused about what that meant to an 18 year old, the experience, mateship and camaraderie of those who served with me made me who I am today...
Thanks guys, we had some awesome times, times I'll always remember with fondness...
Cpl Xenos and his roll of hutchie cord that was stolen in malaysia, I'm sure he's still whinging about it, the Boss Filan (milo), Lt. Donovan,  sgt Smith (that angry ant), cpl Katich, Davis (the little hitler),  Locky, Dave Johnston RIP, Hendo, Magill, Ruthven, Dent, Stomper, Jodick, Reeves, Sawyer, and many more, cheers guys, contact me sometime, I'd love to catch up for a beer.

Regards - Phillip Garvan Ph 0419466253

1st Mar 2012

Good afternoon,

I was wondering if I could please have your help.  I am trying to find my father, the only details I know is that he was in the 3RAR prior to 1983, based in Sydney.

His first name is Robert, he had the nickname of 'Ski', I do not know what his last name is, only that it ended with 'Ski'.

Any help you could provide would be great.

Many Thanks: - Rebekah Amy

14 Feb. 2012

Hi Guys,

I am writing to say thank you for the amazing time that I got to spend with you all whilst at the reunion at Canberra in 2011. I am truly bless to have shared whatever time I had with you all. I got to see my Dad in a way I never thought he would let me. I cannot begin to understand his life or where he has been or what he has done. On the odd occasion I used to get to hear a snippet of detail of what it was like for him and tried in all my might not to wonder too much and ask because I see the pain in his face at certain times of the year that just break my heart. A pain no one should feel. I don’t know anymore now then when I left but I came back with a deeper understanding that I have never known. Until this reunion I had only heard of all you guys and I guess until you see with your own eyes it is somewhat not real. I can’t not express my gratitude to you all enough. I would like to pray a blessing of peace and comfort over the wonderful 3RAR team. If you have a bible look up Romans 8:28. I believe that there is a purpose to all things while we may not see it all times. God loves each and every one of us all the time. Thank you for bringing my Dad home so that I may be born in a country where I am free to worship the One and only True God and Lord our Saviour – Jesus Christ. May I see you all again soon. I will continue to pray for you all.

THANK YOU just doesn't seem enough .......

May God Bless You All

Love Jodi Johnston

2 Feb 2012

I went through Kapooka and Ingleburn in 1962 with a guy called Jerry Freestone he was Welsh. Jerry was posted to 3 RAR I went to 1 RAR. Just wondering if anybody has any info on him.
Thanks - Israel Paulel (X-1RAR)

1 Feb. 2012

Good morning  just having a browse on your webpages a good read I was a cav driver for 3cav 67/68  picked up Acoy to take them into baria all those years ago 42 to be exact just hope the blokes I had on board are doing ok and enjoying life my callsign was 31A and we were lead carrier.

John Horne

12 Dec 2011

Hi - I am writing in the hope that some of your members may be able to help with some information on the Malayan Emergency in the 1950's. My farther Cpl John Gentry 53561 served with 3RAR in Malaya and Singapore just after the end of the Malayan Emergency. He sadly passed away in August of this year.

I am trying to assist my Mum with a War Widows pension and would like any information your members may have on the Herbicide spaying that was conducted by the British during the Malayan Emergency, in particular maps or known area's that the spraying was conducted.
Any information would be most appreciated.

I can be contacted by email Jeff Gentry or phone 0413003119
Jeff Gentry

Any relevant information concerning the Malayan Emergency would be also be appreciated for the www.3rar.com site. Email webmaster here.....

15 Feb. 2012

Are there any C Company out there from 1968 who would like to get in touch with me ?My email is Gavin Giles (Formally C Coy 3 RAR 1967-68

Regards Gavin Giles

11 Feb. 2012

Hi - My name is Michael Bailey (Beetle's) I serve with 3RAR 1976-1979, I have lost contact with my fellow colleagues since 1979 except my good friends Jack Babbage, Michael Quinn and Grant Bates.. At that time I serve under Lt.Colonel Howard and Lt.Colonel Bingley I would like to catch up to them and the rest of my colleagues for a reunion. Can you tell me when next reunion is.

Also in 1976 I was the youngest member at 3RAR and myself and Colonel Howard cut the The regiment cake.

Kind Regards
Michael Bailey

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